Graphics card help please

    A friend has asked advice about a graphics card purchase ..he has a £120 budget and wants a Nvidia 8 series model.

    I have identified this one...but I am no expert so could you graphics experts please give your views and whether there are any better deals available TIA.…=83


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    is this one the same??...far cheaper?

    Do you know if your friend has PCI-EXpress or AGP?

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    PCI express

    currychops this one the same??...far … this one the same??...far cheaper?

    No, similar but not the same. XFX are generally I would say a better manufacturer than Sparcle for graphics cards. The XFX card has a higher GPU speed than the Sparcle, 620MHz compared to 540MHz. The XFX card also has faster memory speed, 1600MHz compared to the Sparcles 1400MHz.

    If you are after an 8 series (probably some better value 7 series), I'd go for this...

    MSI 8600GTS 256MB Overclocked
    Core Clock Speed - 690MHz * (675MHz Standard)
    Shader Clock Speed - 1450MHz
    Memory Clock Speed - 2100MHz* (2000MHz Standard)…981

    or when it comes in stock maybe...

    256MB Palit 8600GTS
    PCI-E (x16)
    Mem 2000MHz
    GPU 675MHz
    2x Dual Link DVI-I/HDTV

    beerman knows his stuff about graphics cards I'm sure he will give you some advice too :thumbsup:

    I'd steer clear of XFX if I were you, I know a lot of people who've had trouble with their cards.

    Should be ok with one of those MSI's though, they're usually fairly reliable. I have no experience of Palit though so couldn't comment on those.

    I've got an old XFX 6800gt and never had a problem with it!

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    thanks for the advice mate has a 6800 ...speaking to him earlier I think he's now gonna wait until the new ATI cards are lauched in the hope that competition will result in price drops.

    The new ATI grahics card (R600) has been speculated that its not much better than the current top of the range Nvidia graphics card. For example people who did not buy the 8800GTS when they came out said they will wait for the R600 hoping it would be better, but after the leeked benchmarks they were not better than the 8800 series.

    Has the official product been sent to review sites?
    I think everything can be only be compared fully when
    1. the product spec has been officially released and sent to review sites
    2. good drivers which utilises the power of the card is released
    3. direct x10 game titles benchmark
    4. a good motherboard, such as the n680i for nvidia graphic cards
    5. how the crossfire function will work compared to the sli setup
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