Graphics card help please

    As i am still undecided about building a PC now- if i bought one with onboard graphics -can you just buy a seperate Graphics card and put in with a driver cd ?
    Been looking at some systems on fleabay with the case i want and they are around £200 -some have onboard graphics and some have seperate card.
    Also do i have to have a internal tv tuner card to watch tv on it -or can i buy the Pinnacle flash usb stick ( £49.99 with 1 gb memory , no drivers needed ,plug andplay)
    Thanks again everyone.


    No offense CW, But this really needs to be kept all under one thread, You don't need to have a seperate thread for every piece of hardware!!!

    To answer your questions :

    If you've just got onboard graphics, Yes, You can just buy a seperate card at a later date, You'd need to disable the onboard graphics, Stick the card in and then install the correct drivers when into windows.

    You can use the external Tuner (usb stick) to, I'm using a freecom DVB stick and its brilliant, Can record tv, Plus time shift etc.

    You'd need to know if the motherboard is PCI-e or AGP before buying the graphics card though.

    [SIZE=2]In most cases if the motherboard has an onboard graphics card, you can slot in a graphics card of your own at a later date. You do need to make sure it does have a graphics card slot (should be either AGP 8x or PCI-Ex16) as some motherboards don't which means you can't put a new graphics card in. The latter is rare though so it shouldn't be the case.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]As for a TV tuner I'd recommend going with an internal PCI card based TV tuner if possible as they are usually cheaper, better quality and they use less cpu overheard which means less problems recording.[/SIZE]
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