Graphics Card help to decide

    My son wants a new graphic card for gaming.

    he mentioned the GeForce GTX 970 but i'm a bit confused, as there seems to be a lot of manufacturers of this.

    I want to spend about £200.00 but flexible if a good deal.

    1. what do you recommend ie, EVGA? this seems popular, but there seems variants of even this one, ie, sc, ssc, ftw

    any help welcomed


    Go for the radeon Rx 480 best bang for ur buck graphics card

    RX 470 or gtx 1060 for under £200

    Go for GTX 970 if you can for under £200. If not get the RX 480. Does depend on if you record your game play with Nvidia no frame loss. If not go AMD way.
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    £209 in amazon warehouse deals with their usual no quibble 30 day return.…sed

    If you know anyone with an amazon student prime account you can also get a 20% discount on warehouse items.

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    £209 in amazon warehouse deals with their usual no quibble 30 day return. … £209 in amazon warehouse deals with their usual no quibble 30 day return.

    Thanks, but that used, new is £279.00



    Thanks, but that used, new is £279.00

    You asked for a card within your budget, there's your option. If you can't afford it then buy a 960 instead, but you can't have your cake and eat it at retail. "Used" means a customer has returned it for a refund. Amazon then test and repackage, they are not allowed to sell a returned item as new.

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    I wanted it as a xmas present for my son, so it needs to be new and sealed

    The gtx1060 6gb is pretty significantly better at £230. I reckon we'll see £200 or less on black Friday.

    The gtx970 is discontinued and uses more power and performs worse than newer cards.

    Also as a rule it's a terrible idea to buy any pc parts months in advance unless you're getting a large discount as it moves on so quickly and prices frequently fall.

    nVidia's low end cards right now are unattractive as you have to spend an extra £80+ when it comes to buying a monitor to get one which supports variable refresh rate. I'd stick with a 470/480.

    Does the PC have sufficient space and power supply capacity to take a graphics card?

    Yo dinje i sent you a link to a really good deal. I would get it quickly if i were you

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    Thanks for the link 08sam

    I think i will take dcx badass advice and wait for the 6gb on black friday.

    Just one more thing, whats best, EVGA or say MSI because they all look different?

    Thank you to everyone else for your help.

    1060 all the way mate !!!! it is same as gtx980 so it is no brainer ..... AMD cards are just not fast enough.... You don't need free sync or g sync I've got gtx 1070 with my free sync monitor and I am more than happy I won't spend extra 200£ for a chip in my monitor I have acer x34 overclocked to 85hz and on this resolution there is no AMD card I can buy and have 85fps So unfortunately nVidia is the way to go on the end I turn v sync on And I have nice constant smooth 85fps love it
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