Found 27th Jul 2009
I have a toshiba Qosmio f10. It has developed a graphics card problem (vga), lines randomly appear on the screen and its getting worse.

the graphics card is built into the motherboard, this is a very common problem.

I have 2 choices

1. replae motherboard £110 (ebay) with warranty not fitted just part
2. get the graphics card re seated £75 3 months warranty.

has anyone here had experience of this kind of fault and repair, which route should I take?


Geforce 8400M/8600M?

Original Poster

not sure exactly but it is a gforce nvidia

Assuming it is a 8400/8600 with it's design fault and assuming both replacement options will give you the same graphics chip as you've currently then I'd go for the second one as it's likely to fail again in another year or two so the warranty will be very helpful, even if it only applies to this issue.

Why not just buy a separate graphics card?


Why not just buy a separate graphics card?

Because it's a laptop.

Original Poster

either I get it reseated or get a new motherboard, graphics card included.

anyone here know how to reseat a graphics card?
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