graphics card question/ can someone reccomend one please

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Found 24th Dec 2008
I wonder if someone can help me
I play Eve online quite a bit, at the moment i use the "standard/classic" graphics as the VGA card (A X850) doesnt support Pixel shader 3,0

I have recently on ebay purchased a 6600GT (i did this while drunk!) so i have no idea if it will give me the "premium" version of eve..................

Now forget all that - thats just the background story!

Im looking for a VGA card - ideally on ebay, that is nice and cheap - the 6600GT cost me a tenner so i dont mind loosing that.

What is a nice cheap card (can be old) that will run eve online - reasonably well, it needs to be PCI express and support Pixel shader 3.. ideally linking a item in ebay will be nice........or if you have one letting me know

Please dont move this thread, as its not really a deal request..



I thought the 6600gt did support shader model 3, is the one you bought not working?, tried the latest drivers?

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its in the post..........i have been told it doesnt work too well, os i am asking for advice incase. Just so i have something to do!

Wait until you've tried it first the 6600gt was a surprisingly potent card, don't know eve that well more of a killer meself(COD ftw) but really surprised the 850 doesn't support it either, tried updating to the latest radeon drivers?
assuming this is pci-e cards? how about the £30 ]oc's deal for a 2900gt, can't go wrong at that!

The X850 did not support SM3.0, ATi had a slight extension to PS2.0 but it was never really supported. Even with the SM3.0 support the 6600GT is quite a bit slower than the X850, it's around the same speed as the X850's predecessor the Radeon 9800.

The 2900 deal linked above is a good one as that card competes with the Nvidia cards two generations on from the six series however it's a very greedy card on power so you have to make sure you have a high quality power supply that can feed it:…=30


i have the 6800GT and it doesnt cope too well in 1440x900 also HD footage is shaky, i'd recommend the ATI HD 4670 which is £61.52 on novatech or the 8600GT which seems to cope w HD well for about £40.50 from the same site, meaning your card will run most med spec games and will cope w video well

You should be able to pick up an 8### series nVidia card for a decent price now, and they are really nice cards from experience, never had a single problem with any of my XFX ones.
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