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Found 22nd Jul 2014
I'm just thinking of buying a second Asus GTX 560ti which I've seen for cheap to run in SLI but I was just wondering, being concerned about power requirements, is it possible to just detach one of the cards from sli bridge and power supply for when I don't plan on doing any gaming?
Will I run into issues kind of hot swapping the gpus for when I want to use them and when I don't?
Just to save on power really, doesn't seem much point running a second gpu for anything other than gaming.



Seems alot of hassle to keep disconnecting one of the cards, what PSU do you have? Will it support both cards?

If its just to save power then I would just leave both cards in. I don't believe you will be wasting power because it was my understanding that it only draws the amount of power required, i.e. if your gaming then it will withdraw more power.

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I seconds what Joshp said, your second graphics card should only draw power when used.

To answer your question though, I don't think it should. So long as you turn off your computer each time you remove the second Graphics card. You wont be able hot swap them at all, or wouldn't be very safe if you did.

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Thanks for the replies, I've actually decided to just leave it as by the time I bought a new power supply to support the second card I might as well have just bought a brand new gpu
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