Graphics Card Upgrade

    Im looking at upgrading my graphics card.

    I currently have a 128MB Nvidia Gforce 6200.

    Whats the next best thing?
    I haven't got a budget as I haven't got any money, :oops: :giggle:

    I am not fussed on Manufacturer. Either ATI or Nvidia.

    TIA :thumbsup:


    I will set a budget for you then mate, say £100 ok?

    Are you really desperate to upgrade now?

    With DX10 cards just being released their budget/mid range cards will be just around the corner. I am sure for £100 or so you can improve on the current crop of £100 cards if you can wait another month or two.

    Also are you AGP or PCI-express. If your AGP then I would spend the £100 now and get the X1900GT from Ebuyer as I doubt any DX10 cards will come in AGP so it would be pointless waiting.

    The other issue is do you really need a high spec card??...if you play the latest action games yes but let us know as it may be something better than your present card you require but not something too elaborate.

    Original Poster

    i dont really play many games, but i do get them to try out. Lets say, 'try before you buy' if ya get what i mean :whistling:

    Im not deperate for an upgrade really, just wanting to know, whats about now, and prices.

    My comp is Windows MCE 3GHz, P4, ummm...anything else?

    Well if you "try" games you're gonna need the higher spec card like the one recommended by beerman or a Gforce 7900 GS that comes in around the same price.

    Original Poster


    Thanks all for your help! :thumbsup:

    Birdy please do make sure you get the correct interface for your card. You have not told us if it's AGP or PCI-express mate.

    Also if you wanted to spend a little less there are cards like the 6800gt (probably second hand though), 6600gt, 7600gs, X1650xt, X1650pro, X800 or X850 series of cards all come between the £50 and £100 barrier and will be a decent improvement on your current card.
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