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    Hi all, just one question (i usually don't ventrue in here much :roll: )

    Looking at getting the Dell E520 or the 9200, but the graphics cards are crap, i know.

    Regardless of price, what would be the best graphics card to stick in it for flight simulator x? I'm quite a high end gamer, and saw the nvidia 8800GTX, but i'm not sure that will work in it?

    Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

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    I am pretty sure any pci-express graphic card including the 8800gtx is compatible with the computer
    however it depends on what resolution would you like to run your games, and how hardcore a gamer you are
    If you have a 30 inch monster screen, 8800gtx should be the only card that can keep you happy to run at it's optimal resolution
    whereas if you are just running a 17inch monitor even a 7600 gt will let you play your game pretty well
    however if you are investing for the future and has enough budget
    why not 8800 gtx

    edit* just remembered something, you have to take into account the length of the graphic card, it is pretty long
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