Graphics Cards on laptop

i was going to buy a dell laptop and it has this Graphics Card (ntegrated Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator X3100) the laptop is InspironTM 1520 is the Graphics Card any good and wat type of games could you play.


Not much, well not above basic settings that is.

Integrated cards are bad as they use the system ram and cant handle 3d games.

It should play older games like the original Medal of Honor fine but again at the lowest settings.

What sort of games would you like to play? As mentioned above, integrated graphics cards offer low performance - although their hardware support has improved, they're often too slow to run games at any playable setting. You will probably be able to play a reasonable selection of games but limited to low resolution and low detail, I add this clarification as to me these settings are too low but I have seen people who are quite happy playing games this way on integrated cards.

If you're planning on doing any sort of gaming on this machine I'd highly recommend going for a dedicated graphics card, with laptops you're pretty much stuck with the graphics card you buy the laptop with so if you go with the integrated one now and are disappointed with gaming performance you may regret the choice later down the line.

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