Graphics comparison Needed -- Both AGP-- Nvidia versus ATI

    nVidia GeForce FX5600 8X 256MB - Pro View

    ATI X800 Pro 256Mb - Sapphire

    Now my first conclusion is to go with the ATI as its a pro card.

    But I know very little about the other card.

    And I have a Fatality FS-V7 kit given to me the other day, not usable with the FX5600. Its whether to use it on the ati and overclock or leave it be and sell the kit.


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    Ok ignore the pro that is just a marketing gimmick and apparently it … Ok ignore the pro that is just a marketing gimmick and apparently it works. But the 5600 is oooold, don't get that the x800 is better.

    These are old cards I have lying around. Pro was easier to do the old copper line trick.

    Is there much in it?

    Best thing to do with these situations is to consult Toms Hardware Guide for the VGA charts. You'll probably need to go back a few years (iirc, both cards date back to around 2004 or 2005), but have a look, and you'll find them both listed against each other in a load of tests. You can do the same to compare most devices. Well worth investigating, I reckon.

    The 5600 was a poor card, although midrange its DX9 performance was poor - it was competing against the midrange ATI 9500/9600. The X800 came from the next generation of cards and was an upper range model with its 12 pipelines, it's a much better card.

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