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Found 8th Aug 2007

My younger brother is studying some sort of graphics course at Uni and he has asked me to buy him a graphics tablet for his birthday.

I have had a look at a few wacom ones but does anyone have any suggestions and prices?
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Wacom tablets are considered the best graphics tablets out there by a long stretch. The 'Intuos3' range are the latest/best series of Wacom tablets currently out. It depends what size you want really, you can get them in everything from A6 sized upto A3, and if you have a few grand to spare you can even get gigantic tablets with a built in screen - if your brother has a widescreen monitor then go for the 'Wide' version, if he has a 4:3 monitor then go for the normal sized pads.

Cheapest place to buy seems to be ebay.co.uk, I can't link (not allowed :x ) but search and you'll find the items :thumbsup:. For example the A4 tablet is on Amazon for £332.70 but on ebay you can buy one for £315 shipped. Similary the A5 Wide version retails for about £290 but you can get one on ebay for £260.

In the US the tablets retail for a fair bit cheaper for example on ebay.com the A4 version can be had from an authorised wacom seller as little as $360 (£180), but the seller doesn't state whether he ships to the UK (could ask him). US sellers that do ship to the UK are asking around £240 shipped, which isn't too bad but if you are importing from the US be weary that there is a good chance you will have to pay import tax (at a guess this would be another £40-50), making the actual saving not so spectacular. Of course if you have friends/family in the US or get in contact with a nice seller they could accidently value the package at a lower amount to avoid customs, not that I'm encouraging anyone to do that ha! :whistling:

If anyone does know of any cheap US sites (other than ebay) with Intuos3 tablets that ship to the UK let me know!

If the Intuos3 are a bit pricey then check out the smaller A6/A5 sizes or the other tablets from Wacom such as the Volito 2 or the Graphire4 series, though people seem to say the Intuos3 are worth the extra cash.

I'm doing a graphics design course at uni come September also, so I too have been interested in getting a wacom tablet. The university I'm going to has quite a few Intuos3 tablets for use there anyways so I think I'll have a play about on those first before deciding whether or not to drop the money on one for myself!
Oh and universities/students often have special programs/parterships with companies, for example Microsoft offer free or heavily discounted copies of Windows/Office, Apple have student discounts on their products, as do Adobe and so on, I don't know if Wacom do anything like this but if may be worth getting your brother to ring up his university and check.

I've been using the wacom intuos line for work the past 8 years and they are excellent bits of kit but it all depends on what your brother is using it for and your budget. The fact these things are pretty much invincible could lead you to pick up a version 1 or 2 tablet on ebay for less than the version 3. I've spilt tea on them, dropped them they don't break.

Another option might be the cheaper Graphire series, which alot of students opt for. I would suggest you don't go smaller than A5.

Best of luck,
Those are the better product, the value ones to go for would be Trust, Tesco has them at about £22 I believe. There are some Wacom ones at about £80. If he uses a Mac like myself the Wacom ones seem to be one of the only ones compatible.
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