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    Hello there im wondering whats the best graphics tablet to go for? I've always wanted to do image cropping etc...and this seems the best way for results.
    I found one in asda for £22 which comes with tracing paper facility, wireless pen and mouse.
    Im not to clued up on the subject so please bare with me!




    Expensive,but by far the best tablets are Wacom.

    I've got a fairly cheap wacom tablet in front of me at work, it cost around £300 about a year ago.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but it sounds like your starting off. If that is the case then get yourself a copy of Photoshop or even elements and learn the software using a mouse first.

    That way you can make a good judgment call on whether or not to invest in a proper tablet. The cheap ones all feel rubbish, the pens tend to badly weighted and are hard to adjust too. I have the tracing feature too, bit of a waste of time, its easier to scan and then draw it using a drawing tool.

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    Thanks for the help all taken onboard.
    Yes as you say im a beginner for sure but have always wanted to get a step further than just bog standard image creation etc....
    For instance its my fiances sisters 30th on friday and i wanted to make a card with a difference, she loves jude law and i wanted to make a picture with her and jude law in but looking movie premiere, movie scene but i cannot get any good results just cutting and pasting etc...Nothing looks realistic but my thinking is using the pen facility i could maybe get the result i desire!

    Thanks alot

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