graphics tablet for a newbie studying a degree

Found 24th Nov 2008
Hi there, I'm looking to find a decent graphics tablet for drawing. I havent a clue what is good and what isnt, but obviously good quality but at a budget

Looking for a friend who is studying for a art degree

whats a good one to look at and the best deals around
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In terms of quality you shouldn't stray from the Wacom tablets, in my humble opinion.

As for which model, that's a question of how serious you need it to be, how much space you have on your desk and so on. But, definitely look for the Wacom tablets - even if its one of their Bamboo range which is at the low end (although the Medium size might be best for serious drawing)...
thanks for that, they have quite a selection - just wanted to understand the different ones, or the best make
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