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    Hi Guys,

    I'm after a USB Graphics Tablet with wireless pen.

    I've seen two, ones a Trust and ones by Genius. Both under £25.

    £25 is about my limit on one, don't want to pay that much - because its just something to allow me to progress.

    Been recommended to buy a Wacom graphics tablet, but I can't find one under £25.

    Does anyone know of any good deals lately for a graphics tablet?

    Cheers All


    Original Poster

    Thanks for those

    These were the links I had already considered before this thread..

    ]Genuis Wizard Pen | ]Trust Tablet | ]Nisis Easypen G3

    Edit: Seems like the link for the Genuis one in my link doesn't work anymore :$

    The nisis is the dearest, but it's the largest drawing area... might be worth the extra spend.

    I am not an expert in tablets, but I always think that one should buy products made by company that knows how to make it best.
    Try Wacom Volito 2 (a bit over your budget).

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    Thats not a bad price actually for the Wacom.

    Whenever I've seen them they've been around £32 excl. Delivery.

    Think if I can't spot anything else, I may stretch to the £28 and get the Wacom

    Yes, I know I actually bought this one as a gift a couple of months ago and was impressed by device's quality and overall package.

    I'd never install another Nisis product after my first - and last - experience with them. :x they may be better now though!

    Yeah, im liking the Wacom deal. Thanks for the link

    You're welcome
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