Grass advice wanted.

    I bought one of the B&Q trampolines at the weekend and intend to put it into a corner of the garden that doesn't get much sunlight or rain.

    It is approx 20 metres square and obviously nothing is going to grow underneath or around the trampoline and I don't want it to just all die and look like a bare patch of dirt.

    3 suggestions I can think of are digging it over and membraning it before covering it all in decorative gravel, the same with bark or the same and astro turfing it.

    How much should I expect to pay for 1 tonne of decorative gravel(not too sure which but wanted a ball park figure to start off)?
    How much is astroturf and is it easy to lay / fix?
    How much would it cost in bark and how often would I have to replace it.

    If anyone has done this sort of thing and has any advice or other suggestions feel free to fire away.


    My boyfriend is a gardener and we had the same problem when we had a trampoline.

    Decorative gravel will hurt when kids get off. Decorative bark is good but attracts Cat poo and has to be kept moist.

    They do a grass seed specially for Shady Areas. It literatly doesnt need sunlight. Mix it up in a bucket with compost and spread. Within a week you should see some sprouts.

    My grass under the trampoline looks like the rest of the garden!!

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    Hi, I would probably gravel upto the edge of the trampoline so the kids probably wouldn't be on it that much. Also do you cut the grass under your trampoline then?
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    I would mulch it, at least you can buy 4-5 bags from b&q (a tonne of gravel sounds too much for a trampoline?), much cheaper even if it degrades after 1-2 years, will just need a bag to top up now and then. Might last even longer if its not being walked on.
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    oh, another option is to recess the trampoline in the soil by digging a massive hole. no need for an enclosure then. although, have no idea about drainage etc. some theme parks do this.

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    Have to have an enclosure so no big hole and don't want a bare patch underneath.

    Anyone know a price for a tonne of gravel then, may not need that much but just need a figure to compare to bark.


    Look on its like £40 depending on the type of shingle you want it will get more expensive. Don't know how much delivery would be though.

    and most only deliver to the pavement, so the rest would have to be hauled on mules to your mansion or cave hideaway.


    My mate's grass under his trampoline is greener than the rest of his garden.

    I would say no to the gravel - not nice to walk/land on.

    The big trampolines I have seen in gardens around here don't seem to have a dead grass problem and they are in the same place all the time. Why not wait and see if the grass yellows/dies and then do something if you need to?? You'll want the grass to die off before you put something down anyway, won't you .

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    Ok, slighlty mislead in the op. I have took my shed down and the trampoline is going there. The idea is to sit the tramoline on the existing concrete slabs so half of it will be grass/ dirt and the other half will be concrete slabs, neither of which I like the look of. So the idea was to remove all the grass and membrane where it's not slabbed, put the trampoline in on it's solid base and then cover the whole area in gravel so you cannot see the slabs or grass giving the appearance that the tramopline is on a large area of gravel..

    Regarding walking on the gravel as I said above I am only going to gravel to the edge of the tramoline area so they will never actually go on the gravel.

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    iI'd go for fake grass. We bought ours on ebay and, providing your garden drains well, found that we didn't have to do a lot of preparation. Can't recommend it highly enough - no mowing, mud, reseeding.

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    ^^^Thanks, how does it fix down (do you fix it down?)
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    My mate's grass under his trampoline is greener than the rest of his … My mate's grass under his trampoline is greener than the rest of his garden.

    Makes sense with the lack of rain.


    ^^^Thanks, how does it fix down (do you fix it down?)

    It sounds daft but it's fixed down using long nails at the edges. Also, it needs sand on it so it's really too heavy then to lift (we have 2 large dogs who've tried and failed).
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