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Found 27th Sep 2008
I need to purchase a load of Grass seed to relay my front lawn after a recent extension....messy builders ruined my old lawn! Can ayone receommend a good place to purchase Grass Seed...are there any good deals around at the moment of note?!

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Maybe not the cheapest but ive found the grass seed on the link below from argos very good

Wilkinson's are always well priced.
We brought some a couple of weeks ago at B&Q, there own make luxury lawn seed, its grown really well
Good tip GAVINLEWISHUKD. B&Q 1kg Grass box was £11.99!! :x
Went to Wilko's and the same type of 'luxury' box was £3.89...and even better....they had two large metal bins full of the same Luxury Grass Seed and if you did a 'pix-and-mix' style help/weigh yourself, then the same grass worked out at £2.89/kg!

Good recommendation...thanks!:thumbsup:
get the builders back to fix it!! they made the mess, they should be under contract to make good.
Yeah builders should make good what they have destroyed. But I would consider laying new turf. At the moment it is real cheap, my local garden centre is selling it at less than £2 per sq yard.
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