Gravity-defying thigh-high latex boots, anyone!

See picture's.

I don't like them, yuk


i think they nice, great if you can walk in them no more getting ya heels caught in man hole covers etc

I wear longer, and I'm a bloke.


great if u have a fetish

Not for me, It takes me all my time to stay balance on normal high heels when im out for a good old drink never mind ones without heels.

I like the boots if they had a proper heel - they are just weird

further down page there is another pic were there off dining - look at her shoes - they are 3 sizes too big for her!!!!

boots schmoots. what on earth has she done to her hair? lol

...........and why is her back sooooo orange.............................

Yuk !!! :w00t:

I wasn't paying much attention to her boots but more her mush...yet more poses in front of the cameras and the fear that her face would crack open quicker than any earthquake on overtime :?

Has she managed to break her neck yet in those boots yet? :whistling:
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