Greasy Palm

    Hi All,

    Just came across a site called Greasy Palm. Has anyone used it before?

    Feedback would be appreciated.



    I am a regular user of GP. It does not pay as well as some of the others, particularly Quidco, which I tend to use for my for personal purchases, but it has a redeeming feature.

    Have you ever told somebody about how good cashback sites are only for them not to believe you, they then go ahead and buy the product or service anyway.

    Well GP allows you to give people a link that puts any cashback into your account. So following the chat with a workmate about how much they can save with an insurance deal or mobile phone or whatever, then they say "Yes but; No But; Cant be bothered with all that cashback stuff!" you ping them an email with the GP link and promise to treat them to a beer when the cashback comes through....Woahalla 2 happy people.

    If you do choose to join I would be grateful if you used my referral link which is on my home page, just click on my user name.

    Noticed this on the "other forum" and tried it out, it seems to work and additionally I won £10 on Blackjack from the free £2 they gave me, which I quickly fed back into my account.

    As GP don't pay out until you achieve £25 this should give anybody who joins a head start.

    Please don't get sucked into the gambling habit, quit when you are ahead.

    Credit for this goes to kirstielou on MSE

    GreasyPalm/Jackpot Joy Loophole - £21 Cashback for FREE

    Go to the Greasypalm site,

    Then go to the links bar near the top of he page and select "Daily Win". Use the scratch card and this should give you some points to play with on Jackpot Joy.

    Then fill in to register with Jackpot Joy.

    After you have registered, go to one of the games and play for fun with points. There is a chat board on the screen, soon one of the cast members will post the FREE £2 offer in the chat room.

    Register a card BUT DONT DEPOSIT! When it asks you to deposit, press cancel. Then go back to the cast member and you will be credited with £2 to play with.

    Please don't get sucked in, if you lose yor £2 let it go. The minimum you can put back ino your account is £10 so make that your target.

    A couple of days after, check your GreasyPalm account and you should have £21!

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys. I think I will sort something out next week when I get back from a little trip.

    i use. but it dont pay out as much as quidco or my fav - topcasback
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