Great 32" T.V. for under £350, please help!

    If i'm honest I don't know an awfull lot about T.V's and could really do with somebodys recomendation. the HD, full HD and HD ready even confuses me
    All i know is I intend to go out and buy one later today, preferably 32"
    i would like to have the option of connecting to my laptop, with a budget of £300 give/take £50, i'd like it to have a nice sleek appearance too.
    I've come across the LE32C450 Series 4 HD Ready LCD TV for £259.
    what/where do people suggest/think is 'HOT'?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Depends what you need it for really,

    The television you suggested above is great value only downside is that it is HD ready and not Full HD which means if you are watching a blue ray or Sky HD or something similar you will/may notice a small difference although from what people have said for a 32inch there will be very little difference.
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