Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 20 h, 39 m ago)
Hi - anyone got any recommendations for a good - reasonably bright 1440p 27 inch monitor? Don't need high refresh rates or HDR, 60-75 hz is fine - better the panel is bright and sharp.

Rather avoid TA panels, so IPS / VA?

Thinking around £250 - but budget a bit flexible either way? Advice appriciated.
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    Got a pair of these at work iiyama G-Master Black Hawk G2740QSU-B1 27" WQHD IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

    £180.99 on Box, but it won't let me paste a link.
    Guess they are banned for some reason.

    Very good for the price, and Box did free next day delivery when we ordered a few of them.
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    You rarely get TN panels these days, though boyf is using a set of them (he bought three of these AOC monitors) and my bleary eyes can hardly see them. Weirdly he never complains about them, even though he's a moaner.
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    I thought most curved screens were TN, as IPS can't be bent?

    Personally I have…JP/ which iirc cost me £250 - great screen, OK sound, and 4 inputs iirc - 2 HDMI, 1 DP, and 1 Type C.
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    Buy a monitor with at least 350 nits, 250 is a bit low, the picture will look brighter and more colourful.

    You can buy this 27'' Dell for £179.11 (with 10% discount code)…ies (edited)
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