Great north run

    Well folks im back in the comfort of my own room after another great north run. I did it in about 2hrs 10 mins approx with a few stops along the way (it was b loody hot). This was my 5th run in a row now and i just wanted to thank those of you on here who showed there support. Ive also managed to raise just over £300 in the process for cash for kids which supports northeast children.


    Well done.

    I saw you on BBC 1 - I gave you a wave did you get it !!!!!!!!!!

    Well done!

    Well Done :thumbsup:


    Yeah it's really sunny today, I need to go out really, I slept through … Yeah it's really sunny today, I need to go out really, I slept through the run.

    lol av not been off the couch since I got up lol so am the same - need to get outside and cut the grass or something!

    2 hours 10? Was it a backwards race?

    Only kidding! 5 hours quicker than I could do it.

    Well done! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    yes i got your wave thank you

    well done tanboy :thumbsup:

    nice one thats great i got my first 10k run next sunday i hope to do a half marathon next year just building up my distance its great you raised so much for a great charity ive raised £145 so far for cancer research whic will be doubled by my employer so really £290 its great that you can exercise and feel great after for achieving that distance as well as helping a god cause.


    yes i got your wave thank you

    If you got paypal pm me your email and I'll send you a few bob for the kids :thumbsup:

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    just pm you thanks

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    If you pm your name and postcode you will qualify for gift aid which adds 24% to whatever you donate

    well done !!!!!!!!!

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    just went on and typed my number in which was 16489 (if anyone wants a look) and my official time was 2hrs 10mins 18secs

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    thank you so much deek72


    thank you so much deek72

    Ur welcome :thumbsup:

    well done i think that is really good my other half doing a half marathon in warrington in 2wks and is hoping to do it in under 2hrs 30 mins ( his 1st 1 ):thumbsup:
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