Great 'paypal' (NOT!) scam email!

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Found 2nd Nov 2016
Just received this scam email supposedly from PayPal:

"hello PayPal customer,

We are sorry to inform you that you can not access all your benefits such as sending paypal money and purchase, because of the limitation of accounts.

Why is my PayPal ™ account is limited?
Because we believe that your account is in danger of flying and unauthorized use...."

Then did the usual of instructing me to click link to confirm account details.

Just made me wonder where my account is gonna fly to and whether I could go too?!

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This one has been doing the rounds for ages ,but always good to keep reminding fellow members of it .
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This fake paypal email has been around longer than PayPal X)

Forward all spam to [email protected] they will then hopefully remove it, or not as the case usually is


hello PayPal customer

Well, the first line gives it away

Never click on any link, or open an attachment on an e mail you are uncertain of. If you need to check something , close your e mail and type the site domain (That you already know is correct ) in to the taskbar yourself and log in to your account as normal.
Latest scam e mails I am receiving at the moment is from companies claiming They have paid money into my bank account by mistake, and want me to click a link for instructions how to refund them. Fat chance I delete the e mails immediately.

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I certainly wouldn't fall for this - the 'hello PayPal customer' gave it away immediately. I have received other scam emails in the past but I was surprised at just how rubbish this one was! I can only assume the scammers use Google translate to compose the email and then hope that someone will hit the confirmation button without reading it first.

My PayPal account flew, I think you should take precautionary measures and tame your account!

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The only way of taming my paypal account would be to get rid of HUKD - just too many tempting deals on here!!!

Emailed to Hilary Clinton

sis got same e mail today, she does not even have a paypal account

Just click and open any email attachment .. Live life on the edge .
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