Great Universal 2-3 Codes deal (removed from HD Forum) £47 Nokia 6300 continuation...

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Found 24th Sep 2007
I just wanted to know if people have had theirs dispatched yet?

If anyone ordered that 6300, logged into GU and checked their "my account" section and compared it to their "track order" section, notice anything different?

If anyone has any experience with GU/other catalogue (Littlewood subsidiaries) sites and code stacking, especially if you have had done it and have had an order delivered and charged significantly more than you were originally told on check out, what happened, how was it fixed etc?


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I bought an E900 a few months back, the invoice was incorrect.

I gave them a call, and they put me through to the internet team as the price had changed in the interim period. They were able to see the price that I had agreed to, and reinstated the codes.

All this was done with no problems, and they were really helpful.

My next statement had the corrected amount on it.:)

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Will they be as helpful to online queries in such matters? Applying the codes if the difference is seen from order totals to invoice totals?
(Relative on 2nd order lives abroad)

had a call this morning asking me to confirm my address, i confirmed it and asked the guy how much the total is.

he sed it was £80 so i said that when i ordered it said it was £47 and he said that its not his department hel have to put me thru to another person, i was in school at that time so i said il ring back later.

went home, checked my email and here is what it said:

QtyItemTermsDelivery AddressExpected DeliveryPrice1 "Nokia 6300" mobile … QtyItemTermsDelivery AddressExpected DeliveryPrice1 "Nokia 6300" mobile phone PF1441J* 20 WK Fri 28th September £ 80.10 Order DiscountZQ298 £ -2.95 Order DiscountZG033 £ -30.00Sub Total £ 47.15Cashback £ 0.00Delivery £ 0.00Total Including Delivery £ 47.15

so it shows the price of £80 but then underneath has the other codes and shows the final price

so i guess im going to wait for the phone to come, wait a few days to see if they credit my account and then if they dont il give them a ring!

hope that helps



I stacked some codes, bought a PS3 with 1 game on52 weeks and it came to £326. I got an email stating this and when i checked the online statement it said £359. I emailed and told them and i had to forward the £326 email to them . They said the vouchers had not been issued to me but as a first time customer they would honour and it would be £326.
I emailed yesterday after reading of the problems and ask to confirm this would still be the price when dispatched to me as if it wasnt and it showed up more -i would return it and close the account.
Got a confirmation email saying that £326 would be price when i recieved it and statement has altered to confirm this .

just got mine today, in a gsm box, with a free o2 sim card.

tried an orange sim, no luck, phone restricted

on the invoice it came with it said that the final price was £80 so im going to phone them up and slaughter them probably as i got an email confirmation of £47 too



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On Saturday I think when they were taking their sweet time fixing it, on both my orders I threatened to refuse delivery and demanded to cancel the order if the track order price didn't show £47.15, if this isn't done soon, I will be refusing delivery I think or returning it if the credit status asks for £80, we'll see I suppose, not that surprised it's locked, I imagine it being locked is what enables GU to sell it at this price, when they apply it, in the 1st place.

I had a bill today for £359 and no goods !!!
Not being dispatched until 5th Oct -rang them told them no goods yet and price was wrong .
Seemed ok ,checked and said ignore statement -no money due till 4 weeks after recieving goods and the price is £326 and will show on next statement .
Told them if it isn't will send goods back and close account. She reassured me it would be that price !

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My 6300 just arrived (I came very close to refusing, but decided to blag it to see, also knowing they use home delivery network/free pick up on returns etc helps)

Advice note says £80.10, track orders says £80.10

Credit says £47.15, I called them, they said it's still £47.15 lol

I have an e-mail saying this should be resolved, implying £47.15

So that's all I'll be paying, same should apply to anyone who chases this up online or on the phone.

Just need to get them unlocked now

hey schizoboy, when you say that your track orders says £80 so does mine, the letter that came with it says £80 too but i got the email and it shows a final price of £47 so is that what i am going to be charged? instead of me phoning and asking!



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Call the 0800 number, they'll confirm the £47.15 cost, but I did moan quite a bit over the weekend and monday online about that differing cost on my account(s)

You could offer to pay it there and then on a dc/cc and ask for the account to be shut down.

If they hesitate, ask how long it would take for it to be picked up, I doubt the call centre monkey wants a return and refund marked on their stats

just another question, how am i supposed to pay for the phone when i didnt put no card details in?

am i waiting for a letter or do i need to go onto the website and do it

never done this kinda thing before so dont know what todo

thanks in advance



my dad also ordered one of these today the invoice tingy says 80 quid and 12p or something but he hasnt been charged yet so i just ring the number and pay it?

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Log into GU
look at "My Account", how much is owed? (here you can pay via any debit or credit card to bring restore the credit limit, effectively 0.00 balance owed.
look at "Track Order", how much does it say?

What codes did he use on the order?

Has he chased them up at all?

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Just thought I'd update, I've unlocked both 6300's for £15 each confirmed working on Vodafone and Orange etc.

£59 per unlocked brand new 6300 after quidco :thumbsup:

PS: O2 offered to do it for £15 too, but only once the PAYG/Contract sim that came with the phone has BEEN WITH O2 for 12months, so poo to that...
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