Great Universal Cracking Deal?

    Anyone gone the Great Universal route when buying an xbox 360 or PS3? I know a lot of people on other forums have tried this and got really good money off (20% off first order, 10% off subsequent payments, plus Quidco at 6% of course)

    If any of you have tried this and it was a success, did you also enter one of the codes listed here on the site and get any luck with the discount, or did they refuse it? It says on the site that they investigate it and can cancel it, but has anyone got away with it?

    I want to get the 360 with great discount, but wonder whether I should push my luck and try for a further £10 or so off!!


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    I haven't used GU, but how many promotional codes can you use? I would have thought only the one. How do their prices compare to High Street shops etc?

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    I'm not sure, there is one for 20% off the first order, but apparently this is automatically credited once GU recognises you as a new customer anyway! Therefore it stands to reason that you can enter another code, but I have no experience of this and wondered if anyone did!

    TBH, their prices are absolutely shambolick, but once you take into account 20% off first order, 10% off for ordering over £150 worth, and Quidco's 6%, deals start to look a bit more appealing.

    They had a good deal on PS3's, and because so many people ordered them using the discounts, they put the price up by over £100 :x pathetic!

    But their prices for 360 are reasonable (with discount), a basic premium is costing £209.14, £100 less than it asles for on the site, and £70 cheaper than in stores. you can pick up a 360 with GoW for £242.98 (I think, not sure if the 6% comes off the final price, or the initial price, either way, the most you pay is that anyway)
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