Great way to resusatate old PCs - Linux Distro

    Very old laptop - but very nice to look at
    For all the world it looks like a netbook but is a 256 meg 700Mhz Pentium 3 - serial number on underside is for Win98 SE.

    No way to install with out proprietary external CD rom , so extracted IDE HDD and installed elsewhere

    Tried Puppy and variant for single core older CPUs ( Puppy TEEn ?) tried DSL too.

    Puppy install to internal HD is clunky and I put grub in superblock instead of MBR which did not help - Nice Distro but aimed at USB boots primarily.

    DSL is very effcient and will work on a 486 in command line . I liked it but the included apps where out of date and it was still a bit "home brew" for me.

    Crunch Bang (ubuntu variant) was the charm - based on Ubuntu 9.04 was a slick install and suitably undemanding of resources .

    Firefox 3 was installed , I added Flash and from there it was even harder to tell it from a modern netbook




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    Thanks, bookmarked.
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