Anyone watch this? its the sort of thing I like as feels like a movie format and like teen comedys like American Pie(though not as graphic)

    And the female lead is hawt! lol


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    Did no one see it lol

    No, when is it on?

    Seen it advertised but then forgot all about it, might catch it on iplayer. Was it good?

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    If you like that sot of thing yes, its just a typical teen comedy, kinda like Clueless meets American Pie. a geeky(though not ugly) guy wants to have fun and not be a geek anymore so joins a frat run by his sisters boyfriend who is a stereotype popular guy who cheats on his girlfriend with any attractive girl, and the main characters sister has an ex who she seems to still be in love with and him with her but shes dating the popular guy to get ahead in life
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