Greek Islands - end of Sept

    Thinking of booking a cheap week in one of the Greek Islands the last week in Sept. Anyone know what the weather is like, and if there are still lots of mossies around? Many thanks



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    ive been to greece in september, we went for 2 weeks and the first week was lovely weather and the 2nd week was still sunny but rained a couple of times quite hard so just stayed in the hotel. not to sure about the mossies, dont remember getting bit alot.

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    Thats exactly what I would have done if I had wanted sales blurb. However I invited comments from members who have first hand experience. Obviously this is NOT you, therefore it was pointless replying.

    I went to Crete around mid-september a couple of years ago, the weather was high 20's-low 30's I think. Don't remember much about mosquitoes, so I can only assume that they weren't too much of a problem....

    my mum&dad are in Kos at the mo and say its high 20s/30s.

    Did Corfu couple of years ago in Sept - glorious weather the whole time - came back with an amazing tan lol - not a mossie in sight - and believe me I would have remembered if there were !! Have a great hol

    Ive been to Halkidiki the last week in Sept, ran in to October actually and the weather was lovely ! not too hot but still nice and warm to sunbathe ! infact i think i got a better tan then as the sun wasnt too intense so could stay in it longer , but it did get quite chilly of an evening , so remember to take a warm cardigan or something (_;) Enjoy anyway x
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    today was 30C, so you are looking at around 25 I would say. have fun


    depends where you go really and a bit of pot luck

    crete stands a better chance of decent weather than say corfu as crete is about 400 miles further south.



    22 C in corfu at the moment, 27 C in Crete.
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