Green Cards for entry into the USA

    Has anbody ever applied for a green card to the USA that could point me in the right direction as to how to obtain one

    Ive looked on the net but there seems to be a lot of companies selling assistance in obtaining one and obviously I want to avoid the cost and dodgy companies



    I've looked into it briefly and there is no easy way as far as I can tell. You either need to have an employer to go with or immediate family.

    However if you do find out please share!

    My mate has just moved over to the usa.
    He is married and is awaiting his green card.
    Been waiting about a month iirc.


    A friend of mine emigrated about 5 years ago. (My best man as it happens!) Took about a year to get his green card and cost him about £8000 to get it. The green card itself doesnt guarrantee a permanent stay, though he has now gained "resident" status and could now apply to be a US citizen if he wanted. Both he and his missus are English. Not sure if he's gonna do the right hand allegance bit to the flag (I know he wouldnt want to), but is thinking about it for the sake of the kids.

    There are different visas depending why you are entering the US. I got a student one for 4 years but I had to interview at the US embassy. If you are just fancying moving over there you may have a job getting one. Really depends on your reason for entry.

    Marry Andie MacDowell,

    Nah My brother is over ther just now and is getting married next month, I dont know how he's doing it but I do know that he isnt allowed to work for 3 months from arriving (Lucky him).
    I'll fire him an email and ask.
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