Green Diamond Engagement Ring needed

Found 26th Nov 2008
Buying an engagement ring is not something I have done before so any and all advice will be gratefully received. Where is the best place to look for good quality at a good price?

My girlfriend wants a green diamond ring and I am looking to spend less than but up to about £1k.
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Good budget!! If you're prepared to spend that amount of money, why not look into getting one hand made? Afraid I don't know how you go about that sort of thing so I'm no use whatsoever, but there are people out there somewhere who make jewellery and as it's an engagement ring it would make it all that more special.
give her your bank card and tell her to go choose it herself, which means she gets what she wants

i told my fiance when we got engaged that i was choosing the ring as i knew it had to be perfect and he proberly wouldnt choose what i wanted!!!
She wants it to be perfect but she wants me to choose it! We are already planning our wedding but I can't propose without a ring and she can't buy the ring because then I won't be able to surprise her with it. It's all very complicated!
suprise her with a special shopping trip to get the ring together weekend in london maybe
why don't you have a look on line at Samuels or somewhere just to get an idea-then when you have seen afew designs check what she likes-i had always dreampt of a certian kind of ring-(which i didn't get !) but i love 'cos my OH picked it-but she might be able to guide you as to whether she wants one bgger stone or a smaller on with other stones around it etc.

I know nothing about this site-but here is a link to some ideas-googled it and it came up.....


..............then maybe go to a local jeweller?

Congrats by the way !
Gems TV - get her a Pariba Taurmaline - according to them, they are the only place you can buy them from - she'll never know the difference!!!
Thanks for the suggestions, and the congratulations!

My girlfriend told me to speak to her sister for guidance so I'll get her to look at the website you gave me.
:lol: @ gems TV they are always full of never heard of stones for ridiculus prices, Coloured diamonds are very hard to come by id search the net and try find some specialists they are also usually alot more expensive than white!! O wanted a coloured one but couldnt find what i wanted so went for white in the end!!
OMG NO! @ Samuels and gem tv please don't if you have a decent budget like you do then you can do it with style
Greed diamond or emerald? Be careful with emeralds as they are not as hard as diamonds and not always considered suitable for engagement rings and wearing 24/7.
Your local jeweller would be my first port of call, and also if you live in London go to Hatton Garden as it's the jewellery quarter.

with your budget, they'll be able to make you a unique ring (they never do the same design twice), you can be as involved in the process as you wish, give them ideas, guidlines to follow.

hope this will help some
i wasn't suggesting getting it from Samuels if there was a budget that would enable you to get one from a different jeweller-just that you would get an idea so you could ask her what sort of thing she liked-rings come in many different styles and even shapes.

I might be different to your GF, but to be honest i wouldn't care if it was the only one-as long as it wasn't the same as every other person i knews ring-what i am saying is a quality ring would be lovely-but not sure its worth paying extra for being the only one rather than one of 100 in the UK and the 99 others were 200 miles away from me-hope i'm making sense !
Thanks for all the suggestions peeps. Just thought I'd let you know that we (she came with me in the end) a ring to be made in Hatton Garden yesterday. She didn't want emerald and couldn't find a green diamond ring she liked and in the end went for a few small diamonds on an 18ct yellow gold band. And the bonus for me is that it came in comfortably within my budget! Did a bit of haggling and got him to reduce the price a bit too.
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