Green Energy at competitive rates?

Posted 26th Sep
As I came across this offer completely by a accident I thought this might be good opportunity to consider to switch to green energy provider?
OVO claims 33% of its energy comes from renewable sources. There is also option for 100% green energy tariff too.
This is British company, based in Bristol with not bad customer reviews as seen in which:…rgy

I did comparison on my own, providing my average monthly usage on both gas and electric. Currently I pay for both 50 pounds at Npower, whilst OVO estimated 63 pounds with same usage. Whilst this is a bit more in my case, might not be for others? Of course, it's not in our interest to pay more, but considering that this could support investments in green energy in UK...

Hopefully this is going to be helpful for some
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There is surely only x amount of green energy in the grid. Saying a 100% green is a bit far fetched. In my opinion.
Was reading about how the majority are buying "green credits" at pence per MW…tml
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