Green Fanged Spiders

    I'm a huge lover of spiders, in the sense that they scare the crap out of me and I have to get rid of them ghosstbuster stylie with the Dyson.

    anyway, whilst on my break at work today I saw an article in the metro about green fanged spiders, they looking horrible yet awesome at the same time.

    link in my next post


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    OMG nooo we getting invaded lol

    They are a fascinating sight.

    oO er no they are not!

    They are in the SW ... where I am... I think I didn't want to know that. oO

    Oh wow that looks amazing! Have emailed the article to my OH so he can get is dyson at the ready lol!


    im not even brave enough to click the link

    Not the worst spider pic you will see, i hate spiders but not bothere bout that pic, go for it

    KILL IT!

    But I do think the green fang thing is kinda cool...But I hate spiders. BURN THEM!

    I like spiders but even I thought that one was scary!!!!!!!!


    'I was a bit scared to start with but I've got used to them now and I'm happy for them to stay where they are''

    lol thats the spirit

    But no British spider delivers a fatal bite, or even one dangerous to … But no British spider delivers a fatal bite, or even one dangerous to humans.'It seems this spider was accidentally introduced into UK from its native Mediterranean and North Africa.

    So it's not British, why bother with the first line? Bloody immigrants, send em home X)

    Time to move oO


    Argh!! Exeter...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I must move!
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