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Found 15th Sep 2008
i am trying to locate somewhere that i can buy some ready mixed unibond bottle green grout . i have tried local diy and tile stores but i am informed that its a discontinued linehas anybody got any ideas thanks in advance
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Someone is selling it on Ebay. can't get on the site at the moment so unsure how much!
why dont you try mixing a little bit of paint colouriser (or possibly even food colouring) with some normal white grout, you could mix it till you get the right shade - dont know if it would work though, never tried it!
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thanks for your ideas i will try them out and see if i can get anywhere near the colour i want once again thanks
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i have been trying your ideas out and the best i have found is to use clothes dye. i did this by mixing the dye powder into a paste and adding it a little bit at a time and mixing it in until i got the shade of green that i wanted and it worked out at a fraction of the cost of buying ready mixed grout . i will certainly use this method again when i want some more coloured grout . once again thanks again for your ideas and i hope that this infomation helps someone else :thumbsup: :-D
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