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Posted 24th May
I never have a greenhouse before and now need one. Planning to get a polycarbonate GH for the plants now. However I have a situation:
1. garden is paved with slabs
2. garden is VERY windy
3. location is only temporary, need to be moved elsewhere next year (hopefully, depending on when I can complete that part of the garden)
So I need the greenhouse to be able to withstand strong wind, without bolting onto the ground as I don't want to damage the slabs. what can I do? and what do I need!? please explain in details or direct me to a site that explains. I have no clue. any good recommendation of GH would be nice too, thanks.
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Get a bag of ready mix concrete and from the inside put a dollop in each corner and one in the middle of each frame that should hold it. When it comes to moving it just knock each dollop off with a hammer.
Would this damage the existing slabs? Can this really take the strong wind? I had some plants in the garden before and they went flying when the strong wind was here
How about treated timber sleepers 200x100 running across at the bottom. 3 or 4, bolt the greenhouse to these. Have the edges sticking out so you can use blocks or something to weight it down also some blocks on the inside of the greenhouse on top of the sleepers.
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