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Found 24th Mar
do you just put greenhouses straight into the soil ? Or do you need to out some concrete down first for it to sit on ?

Does it depend if your buying a plastic or glass one ?

Thanks for the help
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Put down a base first, be it concrete or paving slabs. It’s not practical to put it straight on soil, after all the weeds etc will love the heat and before you know it, it’ll be a jungle in there. The weather will shift the soil around the frame base and then any water inside will turn the soil into mud. Doesn’t matter if plastic or glass one as you’ll get the same problems. I think the frames screw into the base to hold it down against inclimate weather conditions.
For a quick base, make a wooden frame, fill with sand, lay cheap paving slabs on top, construct frame and screw down into slabs. Just make sure it’s level
I put mine straight on the dirt and chucked a couple of paving slabs inside later.
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