greenstar 24i junior boiler help

Found 9th Mar 2010
Hello (finding it hard to type with frozen fingers)

Our boiler seems to be non working, we can get hot water but no heating.

Does anyone know what to do?



What is the pressure guage showing?

You might need to top up the system

lol@frozen fingers,its warm compared to what it has been recently,i haven't put the heating on,didn't have it on yesterday either.

does you temperature gauge thingymijig need new batteries? cos ours is wireless & this happened to us

Sounds like it could be the diverter valve, if you've already tried topping up the pressure. These usually cost anywhere from £15-£60 then labour on top. Definitely a job for a plumber, if it is the valve. hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help guys. Pressure is fine I'll look in to a service tomorrow.
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