Posted 28th Dec 2022
Greggs stores are selling these ‘poker’ chips for £2 each, to be given to the homeless over the winter season. They entitle the person who returns them to ANY greggs store nationwide to a free hot drink and hot meal.

I bought a few earlier, and spoke with the store manager to ensure that this is accepted at any Greggs store, and that the initiative is nationwide, so please, if I can ask anyone for anything this year, PLEASE go and buy a tenners worth, and donate them to the homeless on the streets through this bitter winter period.

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    Or just give the homeless person some money and let them decide where to eat… Greggs jumping on the bandwagon as usual. Shameless corporation.
    Most of them probably won't be buying food if you done that
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    I used to buy an old homeless man, his favourite Greggs pizza slice and a Latte, also gave him some sweet treats, until one day I was told, he wasn't homeless, he had his own flat and his social worker was trying to stop him begging, I haven't seen him around for a couple of years but I hope he's ok,
    The local beggars near me are in council homeless units getting 3 meals a day help to claim higher UC and still beg and claim they have nothing, I have seen them literally steal cookies from Greggs, Subway etc and if caught talk about how poor they are.

    The real homeless are the ones who lose out.
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    That seems to be a Billy Chip:

    Nothing to do with Greggs, and greggs don't mention it on their site. Though possibly the greggs in bristol still do it:…09/
    Yep seems to mainly be a Bristol thing. Greggs are shown as a partner on the BillyChip website, but its not Greggs idea and is probably best to check on the BillyChip site as I expect its quite local as to which stores are doing this.
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    It's a brilliant initiative by Greggs and should be in deals for greater publicity and as it is an obvious saving.
    I did put it in deals but was moved here by admin
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    I'll start the 3D printer and grow my beard out
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    Probably better to give your £2 /£10 to a charity that helps the homeless.
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    Thought the Billy chip was just for Brtistol and not nationwide.
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    The c£2.79 greggs bags on TooGoodToGo would feed them for a couple of days
    yes because storing food in the open in 30c heat in the summer is safe hmm.
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    Great idea.
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    This is an excellent idea,Ill usually pop in and get something to eat and a drink for a homeless person but this makes it a lot easier to help as many as possible now
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    let's hope that non managers, I.e. all staff, including part time on weekends are aware of this offer.

    On further research, it's not nationwide but a trial mainly down south? (edited)
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    Brilliant idea hope it sticks and works
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    I prefer to give to animal charities to help those poor creatures abandoned to starve by thoughtless owners who didn't think about long term costs and the commitment needed after getting a dog or cat.
    Good idea... pitch the idea , maybe Greggs can team up with them and make hamster bakes
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    Fab idea
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    But what do they mean by a hot drink and hot meal for £2 ?
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    Search spring surprise or crunchy frog
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