Gregg’s reusable cup.. £2.00 but receive your first drink free and £0.20p off all future refils

Posted 4th Dec 2021
Been to Gregg’s today, their reusable cups are just £2 but buying one means you get your first drink free and then £0.20 off all subsequent refills in the same cup!
Seems a great way to reduce waste and much cheaper reusable cups than most other coffee outlets.
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    What if you just keep buying reusable cups? 😸
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    £0.20 off, get a grip, are they having a laugh, taking the mick!
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    That's a reasonable discount considering how cheap Greggs is anyway. Don't they also discount if you use any reusable cup? Not sure if you even need to use the Greggs one.
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    Is this still available? If so where in the UK?
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    £2.40 in Central London, they wanted to charge me £2.50 but the sign said that it was £2.40. I had to argue with them to change the cost.