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    I'm supposed to be researching the future of Grid Computing for an assignment, even though we haven't actually been told what it is. I've done quite a bit of research on the net but a lot of the information is out of date by a few years. The most up-to-date that I've found is 2007 and talking about business uses by such companies as google and fleabay as opposed to the original research uses and looking for extra-terrestrial life. Is anyone here on Hotdeals invilved with Grid Computing or know anything more up to date or could point me in the right direction? Thanks


    I'm involved in a GC based research project - what sort of stuff do you want to know/how detailed etc?

    This is one of the main uk bases: - The national e-science centre in Scotland

    White Rose grid between Yorkshire universities -

    The biggest issue as far as e-scientists (the people who help setup and maintain the grids etc) are concerned seems to be security - making sure only those who are allowed to can access the data/resources, so its worth mentioning this!

    Search for extra-terristrial intelligence (SETI) and [email protected] are not strictly grid research, but they are distributed computing, which is very similar but a more open framework (anyone can sign up to donate resources etc)..

    You won't find much on the future of grid computing because it hasn't happened yet!

    Grid computing was not originally used just for research & ET spotting - it is a concept used by many companies for different purposes. Each company looks at the concept & then decides whether or not it suits their requirements & if so how best to utilise it.

    I think you'll find that the assignment is supposed to get you to research & understand Grid Computing, THEN think how best to take the idea of Grid Computing & expand upon it. Start with the concept, then think how it could be used to improve businesses, home life, leisure time, transport, power, communications etc etc etc

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    Thanks folks. Even clearing up the difference between distributed systems and Grid computing is a good start! I need to get those right in my mind before I go anywhere else I think. The conclusions I make have to be able to be attributed to facts that I find out in my research rather than what i 'think' as such.

    I can see a weekend of constant reading ahead.

    I read somewhere that there could be a plan to have the power of the grid 'on tap' a bit like our electricity supply and I was hoping someone might know of plans in this area?

    Rep added to everyone for your help, thanks

    Sorry - didn't realise you had to base things on fact. Have you looked at [url][/url] & done a search on Grid Control? Oracle are pushing its use (as are other IT companies) - you may pick up some pointers, although you will probably have to do a fair bit of searching & digging around on the site as there's a lot of stuff on there.

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    Thanks. I had literally just been using the words Grid and computing for my searches as I had no idea really what it was so everythign is very useful, thanyou
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