Griffin's iTrip - FM transmitter - how to listen to FM Radio?


    I just bought a Griffin't iTrip FM transmitter from…8-6 Amazon

    This one..…jpg

    I have got a iPOD nano (First Gen). I tried to connect this FM Transmitter to my iPod and it connected very well.. I could see (on the iPod screen) it was tuning to various FM Frequencies..

    But the FM transmitter does not have any socket to insert my iPod stereo headset.. the only thing it has got is mini USB socket..which is for charging (as they say in the manual :roll: )..

    Anybody having this FM transmitter..please guide..where to insert the stereo headset to listen to my iPod when connected to the FM transmitter ??


    isn't it a seperate device for broadcasting your ipod onto a car radio (or similar) - not so you can listen to fm radio on your ipod. I guess the only thing to do is detach the device.

    I'm just guessing mind

    from what I can gather you have bought a transmitter for your ipod.

    What the transmitter does is send your ipod music via radio waves to a device that has an FM Radio, just tune the radio device to the same frequency as the ipod is showing and you can hear the ipod music throuigh the radio, used mostly by people in cars so the ipod can be listened to through the stereo.

    You wanted (from what I can gather) is an FM Receiver which means you can listen to the radio through your ipod.

    If that is the case you have bought the wrong item.

    Basically you have bought an FM transmitter, not a FM receiver.


    Basically you have bought an FM transmitter, not a FM receiver.

    Yep! as others have said you won't be listening to the radio on your ipod with that! :giggle:


    dave smith


    Come on thats not nice :x

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