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My one year old Daughter fidgits so much in the night she spends most of it uncovered. Which results in her being cold. I don't really want to put her back into her winter sleepsuits or have her wear a cardy. So I thought about getting her a gro bag. But would it restrict her movement? I don't want her spending the night crying because she can't lay on her front side etc. Thanx in advance for any help



My youngest wears one and it doesn't restrict her at all, she sleeps on her front and can move onto her back , they are are so roomy at the bottom they don't have any trouble, my little un can walk in hers when she is trying to escape bedtime

ive got similar problem with my daughter she always ends up ontop of her duvet, shes been in my bed last few nights as shes ill and i have to try and keep my arms round her to stop her rolling off my bed, in the end i made a bed up for her on the floor as i couldnt sleep properly. i was thinking of putting her in a sleeping bag thing but i dont think she would like it not being able to move and would wake up in the night. ive seen something on littlewoods where it zips up one side of the bed which would probably be better as its just like a big duvet but unzips down one side.

I have one for my 5 month old they are perfect. he can roll around his cot no problem in it. Doesnt restrict his movement much.
When my eldest was 1 he slept in dungarees on backwards as he used to take his own nappies off and this was the only way we could keep him in them!!

hi i swear by gro-bags i have never looked back! I would highly recommend them, my two children both used them and never cried if anything they both had sweet dreams

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Highly recommend them, both my 18 mth old and 8 mth old use them and have since birth, gives plenty of room to move about the cot beds etc, as another poster said, my 18 mth can walk/waddle in hers when she wants to, she will be fab in the sack races on sports day at school lol. Have gone and bought some more in 18mth - 3 yrs as I want to keep them in them as long as poss.

They can move fine in the sleeping bags - they do restrict their movement a little - but I've found them invaluable - both my boys used them.

That was what we ever used when little one was young. You can even get really thin ones for the summer. Highly recommend.

Agree with previous comments ~ both my children had grobags 2.5 tog for winter and even the 1 tog summer ones. Would highly recommend
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