I know it is gross but has anyone ever noticed that you might be right handed for everything else but you can till pick your nose better with your left hand lol!!!!!!!!!!

I appologise in advance - I think I have had one too many lol!!!!


I'm left handed.

You fail.

Original Poster


thats so you can do two things at once!

lol i left handed to write but right handed for everything else

yep....thats eeew!


Personally It's my right little finger for the right hand nostril, and my left hand little finger for my left nostril.. ..:thumbsup:

This is the most random post ever! lol...

Surely it depends on which nostril you're picking!

doesn't everyone use both at the same time? i know i do

yeh im right handed but pick my nose better with left hand, but eat with my right still


random as lol
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