Ground coffee & flavourings!

    Where is the best place to buy ground coffee online?
    All I can think of is Whittard! Any others??

    Also, I am after some Gingerbread Coffee Syrup as thats what they use at Starbucks to make their Gingerbread Latte...MMMmmmm....

    Your help is much appreciated!


    don't know if its the best, the instant is nice though
    it did have a deal in freebies for samples i think (cannot find it now)
    so might be worth an email to see about getting some.

    dont know about the coffee but the gingerbread syrup you can buy from plenty of places online now.
    I bought mine from ebay about a year ago from a seller called discount coffee - he has a website as well and you can get a litre of the proper stuff for about £10. Really nice guy and excellent service
    Alternatively there are now a few listed on ebay selling as authentic starbucks syrup
    hope that helps!
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