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Found 5th Nov 2010
Does anyone recommend/use the Groupon (My City Deals)? What's the catch?
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I will be interested to see any replies too. I got an email yesterday with a local Groupon deal, offering a £50 gift voucher for a local little independent gift shop, for only £20. It does say it can't be used in conjunction with other offers, so I'm wondering if I bought one then went into the shop, I might find everything in the shop "reduced" from exhorbitant prices. hmm
Ive used it a couple of times. 2 hour sailing lesson - brilliant, canoeing - really good, had a second session free on an open day, chocolates - not so good, choice was limited, skiboard lesson - failed to get booked before the voucher ran out but they were only £1.50.
I have used it a few times now and have learned that you need to check first before you buy that you will be able to find something you like at the price you want to pay for it especially for web based vouchers, also check delivery costs as they can be very high as I have also learned! For local shops if possible have a look round first before taking the plunge, but all in all if it is something you want and you are clear what you are buying it can work out very well
i've used it 4 times, absolutely fantastic bargains
i've used & it all worked fine, bought my friend some expensive chocolates, i've also bought the groupon voucher then changed my mind & they refunded it no hassle at all
From what I hear, if you read the t&cs properly and make sure you can make it to the activity/treatment/meal before the voucher expires and have one close (sometimes certain places are excluded) then you can get some great bargains.
However, if something goes wrong I've heard that the customer services are a bit rubbish.

There are never deals for the city I live in, but if I lived in London then I'd be using the site loads for meals and days out, they have some fabby deals.
I think that there is topcashback too.
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Thank you everyone!
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