GROUPON. Yankee candles.

Found 30th Mar
I have recently brought 3 random Yankee candle from Groupon. To me they don't have a long lasting Yankee candle smell. I burn them all day but the scent is so weak. Has anyone had the same problems. Regards.
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Are they Yankee home inspiration ones or similar? Because they aren't as good. If they are proper ones search on Google for the scent and add 'throw' in and you'll get reviews of that candle with how far the scent will go round your home. Like this site here. I got about 6 of the large tumbler versions with two wicks and everyone gives out a great throw, but some from the normal large jars (which last much longer than the tumblers) don't throw the scent very well and some just aren't as nice as others.
They are not Yankee inspirations. They are the proper large jar one's. All my previous Yankee candles even the scent the I don't like are strong. I am going to contact Groupon. Not happy.
Does the jar lid have a name embossed into it..... The fakes don't
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