groups and things to do for pensioners

Found 6th Jan 2011
just wondering if anybody could tell me how i find out about local and regular pensioners meetings and activities etc.

my Pap(grampy) died a few months ago and my Nan is a bit lost and lonely. we all visit often but i think she would like to make some new friends and be with people her own age who are more likely to have same interests and so on.
tried looking online but couldn't find anything.where would be the best place to find this sort of information?
Community Updates
Local Church would be the place to start.........they usually do stuff.
Local newspapers and local radio,local council offices and sports centres
get her to start collecting firewood for next winter
thank you both
will check out the leisure centre,council and church tomorrow and see if they have anything.
Whatever you do, don't let her join HUKD or she'll probably get nudez from desperate members by PM! X)
lol @ guv X)
your local age concern will have a list of all clubs,luncheon clubs in your area,also the salvation army run weekly luncheon clubs n social evenings playin bingo,cards etc n also organise lovely day trips. i work for social services so if any help required? dont hesitate to message me.
My OH grandad goes to some groups called 'warm centres' which are for over 50's and they get lunch. He really likes it there and misses it on the days its not on

I don't know if that's just in their area but they are run by the council - try and look on your council's website
When my grandad died I got my gran a part-time job at her local charity shop and she loved it.

Also contacted these who put her in touch with a local luncheon club:-

This information might also help:-…htm

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thank you for all your help

thank you for all your help

No problem.

Grandma's are lovely.
have you tried your local councils website?
check with her local neighbourhood bobby because there are often little oap groups kicking about which they may know about.
Your local library should have this kind of info
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