Growing your own Veg. Advice please

    Hi all.

    I have a large back yard but only a small area for plants. I would like to grow my own vegetables in containers. I did successfully grow cherry tomatos last year in hanging baskets but would like to grow lettuce, carrots, peas etc....

    Does anyone know of any good websites or even better a book that i can research methods to do this...

    Cheers guys :-)


    most things can be grown in troughs which are cheap as chips!! you need to start growing peas now though individually in small pots a few every two weeks to ensure a constant supply through the summer season.

    Its too early really for lettuce give it another month if your gonna be growing it directly in the pot outside. Can start carrots now though as well as spinach, radish and spring onion.

    Think ahead and grow in batches rather than loads at once!

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    Oooo good ideas...

    I have never grown these before....can you point me in the direction of a good website/book so i can read how to do this?

    Your a star :-)

    good website - search gardening or veg or carol klien.also Carol Kliens 'grow your own veg' was £4ish on whs website for a while, might be worth searching to see best price at the moment I grow loads of different things and have found pretty much all I have needed on the BBC website

    I know you said you grew toms last year but check out this they may have advice and tips on other fruit and veg.

    the best book ive got at the mo is actually a journal book as you record what you do so you can learn from your mistakes etc. Its Carol Kleins Grow your own veg journal, there is also a book to go with it.

    My main mistake was basically putting too much on the go at the same time and I like you am limited to a greenhouse and troughs!

    Also adviseable to start a herb trough. Things like Mint need there own trough and will spread like wildfire, whilst things like Basil and Parsley will die when it gets cold. Rosemary is also a fab one and doesnt die off and when you could it it then splits and grows two form the one - its a very slow grower though!!

    You can get growbags for potatoes! Means you can move them about where you want them.

    We plant in big pots each year.

    This year we have designated a small area and made a slightly raised bed. We've planted peppers (very easy to grow) tomatoes, carrots, sunflowers, just bought seed for courgettes, onions, peas...

    I don't think you really need a website for most of these - just follow the instructions on the seed packet. The only thing is the peas will most likely need a trellis or something.

    For small plants, to create a green house effect you can use empty coke bottles - cut off the bottom and place them over the small plant. Once the weather warms up you won't need them,

    We keep our seeds inside on our window ledge until late march / early april because there is always a frost here sometime in march…151…tml

    I tend to just google the plant I am growing if I need advice - last year I didn't know that Peppers grew Green and turned red - just I am that stupid! LOL

    Here is some basic but useful info…asp

    We grow salads in washing up bowls, start them on the window sill and then move outside once they have started growing. We keep two or three on the go with mixed leaves and have salad nearly all the year round.

    be very careful if you use the mini greehouse approach of clear bags or coke bottles over the plants as if you just remove without climatising the plant it will die off!

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    Brilliant...will look at all these and feed back to how I'm getting on....

    Thanks everyone :-)

    You can use a black bin liner for growing potatoes. put in a bit of dirt/compost then put in the seed potatoes you want . As soon as you get shoots fill it up with more soil. Keep doing this until its fairly full then let them grow out and roll down the bag to the earth level. Once the plant has flowered, generally this is when you can start to lift the plants and low and behold... new potatoes. I put a couple in each bag and it's enough to last me through the summer.

    And don't forget chillies…php
    I have got three well established plants. I grew mine in a trough with soil I bought at B&Q. I used the seeds fresh from left over chilli I was cooking with. I started growing them a year ago and they just shot up after a few weeks of watering. You'll save a fortune not having to buy them. Each of my plants yield about 60 chillies during the summer.

    Some great ideas here I may be pinching some!

    Chesso has a thread with some good advice in it but cant find the link at the moment.
    Saw this link today. Lots of good advice for growing in pots or on windowsills…tml


    Chesso has a thread with some good advice in it but cant find the link at … Chesso has a thread with some good advice in it but cant find the link at the moment.Saw this link today. Lots of good advice for growing in pots or on windowsills

    Just got in from the garden and checked for anything to do with growing!!:thumbsup:
    Here's the other thread:…792
    I missed this one entirely when I was on holiday.
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