Grr Insurance Sales

    Really annoying me now... I registered my German Shephered with the Kennel Club as she's a full pedigree and I wanted her listed, and they gave me this spiel about 6 weeks free insurance, no strings attached.. so I said ok..

    The 6 weeks is up, and I've had FIVE calls this week trying to sell me insurance. The first one I listened to the spiel, wrote down the information and said thanks, I'll think about it, I'll sign up online if I decide to.

    Checked out the prices and found that even their special pay up front yearly rate was more expensive than the majority of other pet insurance companies, with no added benefits for it coming from the kennel club as opposed to an independant company.. so I decided not to take it up.

    They just keep calling back, and every time I say, No, thank you, I've insured my dog elsewhere.. they say, I'm dreadfully sorry, we won't contact you again... then a few days later.. a different person is on the phone offering the same deal!



    My dog is kc reg, as are the ones i co-own with my mum, weve never been rang about the insurance when the 6 weeks expired

    Yes that would annoy me CWhatley..tell them if they phone again you'll set your alsation on them!!!
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