grrrr chuffin ghd's

    Why everytime i chuffin use them do i bleedin burn myself - grrrrrr


    Doesn't sound fun! hope you are ok

    dont get too near the head sassie or you will end up sore!!

    why you say "grrrrrrrr GHD's" as if its their fault that you burnt yourself

    are you ok or have the ghds pushed you over the edge?

    Maybe if you put down the flower and used 2 hands you'd get on better.

    what's a ghd?

    Liddle ol' me;5081628

    what's a ghd?

    Strightners i think - idk its all women talk in here lol

    Liddle ol' me;5081628

    what's a ghd?

    I think it stands for Good Hair Day? it's straightners I believe however being a guy I could be totally wrong.

    But surely worth it in the end ;-)

    you know your'e supposed to hold them by the handles don't you?

    They arn't as good on wigs ........ ;-)


    why you say "grrrrrrrr GHD's" as if its their fault that you burnt … why you say "grrrrrrrr GHD's" as if its their fault that you burnt yourself

    much cooler than saying she burnt herself on her 'less than a tenner bargain but does the job straightners' maybe?:p


    lol, you've reminded me of a girl in high school who used to come in with scalds across her forehead where she repetitively burnt herself straightening her fringe! We're talking every day she'd come in like that-I haven;t managed that once.

    Have grabbed hold of my ear a time or two with them though...

    Original Poster Banned

    i went to pick them up without looking so burnt my finger, sat on them a couple of monhs ago with nowt on, and burnt my ear last month, maybe its time to stop using them

    I recently bought a tiny pair of straightners (ideal for travel and lads!!)
    Anyway...these came with a pair of red gloves and when I use my Daughters GHD's I always wear these and they stop the burns.
    Hope that helps.

    Liddle ol' me;5081628

    what's a ghd?

    giant hard d..k

    told her to use lube :roll:
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