Grrrr EBAY!!!

I had an auction finish on saturday for an item that needs to be collected as it is to large to post, anyway couple of hours after the auction ended i sent invoice and said could you let me know when you would like to collect.

The buyer has marked payment sent although i haven't received payment, also had no reply, and they have purchased an item on the sunday and collected / paid for it (according to their feedback)

How long should i give it until i email them, or relist it / second chance offer?



They might have sent a postal order?

Hard to know if they're not replying... hate that!

looks like they are paying cash on collection - email them and ask

Its only been a couple of days,give em a

If the payment doesnt come in the morning I would email them and ask when they are planning on coming to collect. Say I will look forward to your reply, If I dont here from you by the weekend then I will relist. :thumbsup:

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Its only been a couple of days,give em a

I thought this at first, but when i checked their feedback they bid & won / collected an item the day after they had won mine although i had no reply :whistling:

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That is really annoying when that happens as you just KNOW they are … That is really annoying when that happens as you just KNOW they are ignoring you :roll:

Tell me about it ! dont like the fact she's marked as payment sent, unless she is sending postal orders, cheque in the post however haven't received payment yet :roll:

If the auction finished on Saturday, then the earliest she could have sent a cheque or P.O. would have been yesterday.

If you are jumpy and relist before the 7 days are up, she can report you as a non performing seller. Also you will not be able to relist for free.

I always wait for 3 days and then invoice the buyer. Most of my items are large pieces of furniture that require collection or a courier, so that is when I raise the question of when they would like to arrange collection for. Most people work all week and the weekend is the only time they can collect.

Maybe the other piece she bought had priority and now during the week she will arrange to collect yours?

I am currently waiting on over £450 worth to be paid for and picked up - all ended on Sunday - I won't worry for a few days more yet!

Tell her/him everybody from hot deals is coming to protest outside her house if she doesnt pay up now !!!!!! :w00t:
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