GRRRRR Dell Shipping

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Found 6th Sep 2007
Why does Dell shipping cost £60?!

Do they ship then individually in gold boxes sitting on leather chairs next to a cosey fire or something?!
This is the only thing stopping me from buying a lappy from them

Does anyone have any free shipping codes?

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It is custom built to an extent and 1 small delay or fault and being polite and firm on the phone to the Indian or Irish CS you can easily blag free delivery saving yourself £60.

Yes.. dell charge £60 for p&p & its a cheeky way of claiming low PC prices.

Not aware of any free del codes.. sorry.


Yes.. dell charge £60 for p&p & its a cheeky way of claiming low PC … Yes.. dell charge £60 for p&p & its a cheeky way of claiming low PC prices.Not aware of any free del codes.. sorry.

they do but i just look at the price at the side of the site and if it says includes vat and delivery and its a good price for the PC then i'm happy.

Know someone who was moaning when they realised £60 of the price they saw on the site was delivery and I turned around to him and basicly said even with the expensive delivery the PC was still a good buy (was one of the vostros a couple weeks back)

I felt the same about the shipping but the deal I got on my new vostro inc shipping, was far better than anything elsewhere. Pros and cons:)

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Does anyone think the 1400's will come down in price atall in the next month or so?

I definitely agree with you Shipping makes such a BIG difference in the total price ;-(

60 quid ,,,,,,,,, are they havin a giraffe , thats a serious % of the cost of the product , no wonder im seeing such low prices on tv when all there profits come from postage , hidden extras are underhand procedures if you ask me ( no-one did ! ) and a good reason to boycott

Parts from far east, assembled in kazakstan or some east european factory, then shipped to Limerick Ireland for final invoicing/dispatch.

Price of custom built laptops and imo worth it considering how easily you can add/remove parts.

And anyways, if you have the chutzpah, you can easily moan to dell and get delivery free.

It also means that they can give lower amounts to affiliates like Quidco. I'm sure that my Quidco cashback was only based on the Pre VAT price minus £60 delivery.
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